WhatsApp Authenticator - FAQ
Welcome to the WhatsApp Authenticator FAQ, main questions about its functions quickly and practically.
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Welcome to the WhatsApp Authenticator FAQ, main questions about its functions quickly and practically. Whenever necessary you can contact the WhatsApp Authenticator developer team via Discord or through the contact form.
How do I verify my access to servers?
WhatsApp Authenticator commands are not appearing for me
Me or someone on my server team removed WhatsApp Authenticator interactions, now WhatsApp Authenticator slash commands are gone, what to do?
Can I verify up to how many numbers on Whatsapp Authenticator?
On which WhatsApp number will I receive the codes of WhatsApp Authenticator?
How can I unlink or change numbers that have already been linked?
I am having difficulties receiving the verification code on my WhatsApp
WhatsApp Authenticator went offline why?
I blocked the WhatsApp Authenticator number on my WhatsApp, will this prevent me from receiving verification codes?
The options menu and/or buttons got blocked after a time, why?
Is WhatsApp Authenticator affiliated with or linked to WhatsApp Inc or Discord Inc.?
How to add WhatsApp Authenticator to my server?
I received the message that I could not authenticate my access to the server
My SIM Card is blocked how will I receive the codes now?
Server members are mentioning WhatsApp Authenticator on my server and WhatsApp Authenticator is responding, how can I avoid this?
My Discord account has been disabled
My account has been hacked, what should I do to remove my WhatsApp number in Whatsapp Authenticator?
I'm having difficulties with my WhatsApp account
I no longer have access to the number registered on Whatsapp Authenticator how should I proceed?
I can't verify my login, because it says: I already have the number linked to another account
I'm having difficulties getting users to verify access on the server before having access to other channels
When trying to verify my access I came across the message that I've been banned and I should contact the server team but I'm still on the server
When trying to verify my access I came across the message that I was banned and I should contact the team via whatsappauthbot.com/en/contact
Every time I try to verify my login, it's saying the code is invalid
User's country is banned from using Telegram, now what?
Some messages I sent in WhatsApp Authenticator DM were not deleted when I used the /cleardm command
The messages with the codes sent on my WhatsApp disappeared but I don't deleted the messages
Can I request to delete my data from the WhatsApp Authenticator database?
I want to change WhatsApp Authenticator avatar
Does the /cleardm command also delete messages sent on WhatsApp?
Will my linked number be shared with third parties?
When running the command /verify mod ban-user WhatsApp Authenticator returned that it was not possible to ban the user
How can I request a copy of my collected data or the server I manage by Whatsapp Authenticator?
Why do parts of my linked number have an XXXXX?
I redeemed two or more keys, if I activate them all on the same server, will the Premium days accumulate?
Can I link my friend's number or one of my knowledge to Whatsapp Authenticator?
WhatsApp Authenticator is taking time to respond to commands
When executing a command, the message β€œThis interaction failed” appears
I want to get information about the features that WhatsApp Authenticator offers in Premium
How to suggest or report bugs found in WhatsApp Authenticator?
When I run the /key activate command I get the message that the key does not exist
I activated the system to receive notifications in DM when my Premium is running out, but I am not receiving messages
I disabled the ephemeral command system, but some commands continue to be sent in ephemeral
I set up the preferred number and platform system, but why were they disabled?
The WhatsApp Authenticator website is with virus? Is displaying some advertisements
My question is not contained here, how can I proceed? You can ask your questions through the support channels on the WhatsApp Authenticator support server.
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